• EpicOpticals™ Jigsaws
    Display of 24 / 4 titles

    Bright, bold and engrossing graphics trick your senses & test your spatial skills! Puzzles measure 7.87 x 7.87 inches when, or if, completed!

  • Little Moppet™ Multi

    Keep youngsters active indoors and out! Burn up excess energy, improve balance & motor skills, strengthen muscles and enhance healthy growth. 

    Measuring  93 x 57.5 x 29 cm / approx. 36.75 x 22.75 x 11.5 inches, the Little Moppet Multi-Rower is made of safe, sturdy metal and high quality plastic, accommodating youngsters 4+, 40 - 45 kg / 88 - 99 lbs. MAX.

  • Fluorescent Puzzles
    Available titles

    Six challenging puzzles will keep you in the dark if you forget to let them bask in the sun for an hour or two! They're difficult enough to do when you can see the pieces, but turn off the lights for an outrageous challenge! The puzzle pieces glow in the dark!

  • world map puzzle

    Have the whole world in your hands with this large wooden puzzle map. Consisting of 16 jigsaw pieces, get to know the world we live in, piece by colourful piece.

  • Little Moppet™

    Gross Motor Skills are enhanced when playing with toys

  • Little Moppet™

    A selection of wood and plastic toys to enhance play skills for all ages.

  • Little Moppet™ Jigsaw Puzzle Line

    Place the interlocking puzzle pieces together so that an image is formed. There are double image jigsaws, 5 pc jigsaws and a large World Map jigsaw puzzle to choose from. 

  • Little Moppet™ Chunky Puzzle Line

    Thicker puzzle pieces are what these chunky puzzles are all about! Easy to handle and manipulate for all ages.

  • Little Moppet™ Peg Puzzle Line

    Small plastic- pegged wooden puzzles or larger plastic-knob wood puzzles can be found in this division.

  • Little Moppet™ Tray Puzzle Line

    The frame of these great tray puzzles stays in place. Simple remove the wood pieces from the tray, then add them back inside to recreate farm scenes, the ocean, and Noah's Ark.

  • Magnetic Darts™ Game and Refill Darts

    The original magnetic game for 'pointless' hours of family fun! Hang it up, take a few steps back and let the darts fly! If you miss the mat, it won't be a problem as the darts can't damage walls, furniture or the family pet! Flip the mat for additional play. 

  • Little Moppet™ Unique Puzzle Line

    Ink & Stamp puzzles, interactive alphabet and number puzzles, shoe-lacing puzzles as well as sliding puzzles fit into this unique category. If you want something different, look here!

  • Glow in the Dark adhesive ceiling stickers
    Available titles

    Choose to see multi-sized stars from STARRY SKY, fence posts, stars and two sizes of sheep from COUNTING SHEEP or space crafts, rockets, planets and stars from FINAL FRONTIER.  Or choose one of each to apply on bedroom ceilings, entrances, basemEnts, covered porches...

  • Little Moppet™ Exercise girl
    Available titles for boys & girls

    Eleven kid-powered exercise equipment plus dumbbells for boys and girls age 3+.

  • Little Moppet™ Exercise boy
    Available titles for boys & girls

    Eleven kid-powered exercise equipment plus dumbbelss for boys and girls age 3+.

  • 3D Puzzles
    Available titles

    Watch as images seem to come to life as you position the thick cardboard pieces together. Chose from six titles - 48 or 100 piece puzzles