• Tutti Frutti sparkling tub
    36 asst.

    There is a color and a fragrance that will spark the imagination of everyone. The assortment of 36 assorted 100g / 3.5 oz tubs includes : sparkling blue - blueberry, sparkling turquoise - mint , sparkling green - green apple, sparkling pink - bubble gum, sparkling purple - grape, sparkling red - strawberry. Mix to create endless colors and scents.

  • sparkling unicorns bucket

    Rainbows, castles, unicorns, shooting star and the large unicorn head can all be brought to life using the included molds and kitchen utensils, as well as the deliciously scented sparkling dough. If you allow your unicorn land characters to dry out by using them as room odorizers, simply pop them back in the tub with a bit of  water to hydrate the dough and use all over again. Great party activity.

  • sparkling 4
    pack refill

    Four fabulous sparkling tubs of sparkling modeling dough entice toddlers to be creative. 100% safe and non-toxic, dough can be blended with other colors and scents for endless choices. Make glittery jewelry, cook and cake decorations, even magical unicorns and mystical characters.

  • sparkling mermaids trio kit

    Make your very own sparkling underwater friends that sparkle, glitter and give of yummy fragrances. The three main scents and colors of sparking dough purple, blue and pale yellow, can be blended together to make even more unique scents and colors. Perfect party or sleep over activity.

  • sparkling flowers trio kit 

    Create personalized bouquets of sparkling flowers bouquets for friends and family. As the dough is scented, they make pretty room deodorizers. And if they dry out, put the dough back in the tub with a bit of water! Great Parent and Child activity.

  • sparkling unicorns trio kit 

    With three tubs of deliciously-scented and sparkling colored modeling dough, castles, shooting stars, hearts, rainbows and unicorn figures can be made to create a very magical and glittery activity. Ideal activity for parties and sleep overs. And don't forget to blend the dough to obtain new colors and scents.

  • sparkling princesses kit

    It's a Princess party! Six beautiful princes skirts wrap around the head and tops parts of the princess molds. Make your princess come alive  by adorning her with dazzling jewels and details made from the sparking scented dough. For fashion divas in the making.

  • sparkling 6
    pack party refill

    Who doesn't like a festive party atmosphere? The perfect collection to complement all creations with sparkling colors and fragrances! The Tutti Frutti fruity collection of modeling dough is blendable for even more color creations, non-toxic and rehydratable for indefinite fun! Includes watermelon, sweet mint, banana, strawberry, grape and blueberry.

  • 2
    pack sparkling scents

    The 2 pack sparkling refill adds a magical touch to all creations through a totally unique sparkling finish! Tutti Frutti is easy and pleasant to use in addition to being non-toxic and rehydratable for infinite fun! Mix in with other dough for subtle sparkle.

  • sparkling 3
    pack + molds refill

    With sparkling basic colors and scents and 3 fun molds, this set is designed to awaken children to the pleasure of modeling dough. Tutti Frutti modeling dough is easy and pleasant to use in addition to being non-toxic and rehydratable for infinite fun! The ideal set to make your first creations! 

  • sparkling unicorns and rainbows

    Create a glittering world of unicorns and rainbows with sparkling molds and four sparkling Tutti Frutti modeling dough. scents - pear, bubblegum, mint and grape. Add additional colors such as white to tone down the colors (pastels) or add darter colors to make them more vivid!

  • sparkling mermaids kit

    Create the Great Barrier Reef and the most beautiful mermaids. Multiple tubs of sparkling modeling dough and a set of large cookie cutters in ocean themes will inspire childrens imagination.

  • sparkling space kit

    Fly me to the moon and travel through the stars. Multiple tubs of sparkling modeling dough have children molding and cutting out space-themed pieces with included cutters. With the benefit of sparkling dough, a sprinkle of magic is added to each and every creation.

  • tutti frutti intro assortment
    88 pcs.

    MADE IN CANADA - A wonderful selection of top selling Tutti Frutti scented modeling dough products. 88 pieces in all shapes and sizes and scents and colors...

  • sparkling ice cream maker kit

    Who wants to a dish or cone of glittering ice cream? This ice cream maker play set contains everything you need to create fantasy sparkling sundaes and ice cream cones - an extruding machine, ice cream dishes and boats, spoons, press molds and decorative strips. And the 4 scented doughs can be mixed to create even more color choices.