• inverse

    This strategic game of obstruction and construction has players placing their pieces on the board so that their opponent cannot add one to the game. Deciding to position the pieces flat, on end, or on their side can create ingenious blocks and mayhem for your opponent!

  • 5 in 1 activity cube

    Made for little hands, this 5 pieces wooden activity cube includes dials, shapes and sliding disks to keep youngsters engaged and challenged for hours. 

  • giraffe abacus

    Colorful wood and plastic counting frame and beads with giraffe motive.

  • 2 in 1 easel and play table

    The sturdy 28 x 19 x 48 inch double-faced vertical easel transforms into a 18 x 19 x 20 inch tall horizontal flat play table for multiple play options. 

    glow in the dark giant volcano

    Build and erupt a 14 inch volcano - need we say more? Yes, the lava actually glows in the dark! Perfect sleep-over activity or rainy day entertainment.


    rocket science

    This baking soda rocket kit includes everything you need to assemble the rocket. In order to take flight, baking soda and vinegar are required, but not included. For outdoor use only. Adult supervision required. 


    fingerprint kit

    Crime Scene - Do Not Cross. get ready to do some sleuthing for evidence, just like a forensic scientist. have fun lifting prints and learning about 3 basic types of fingerprints. Great rainy day activity.  ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED.  SORRY, AVAILABLE FOR USA MARKET ONLY.

  • Little Moppet™

    Gross Motor Skills are enhanced when playing with toys

  • Math & Numbers Workbooks

    Telling time, counting money and math games are a few of the many workbooks in this category. 

  • Creative Arts Workbooks

    Colouring, tracing, pasting and sticker workbooks... there are all types of ways to be creative.

  • Kumon
    Mazes Workbooks

    Mazes of all shapes and sizes!

  • jungle battle game

    Using speed and accuracy, children
    flip over their animal cards, winning
    the hand if they flip the largest
    jungle animal.

  • yum jr. safari

    Children roll the animal
    dice and match them
    up with animal tokens
    to form matching sets.
    This classic game with
    a safari twist includes
    play boards, stickers,
    cup and tokens.

  • 10 000 game

    If you have the capacity to throw 6
    dice and calculate their
    combination point scores,
    then this popular and
    addictive dice game is the
    perfect addition. Reach
    10000 to win.

  • yum
    collector`s edition

    One of the great classics of dice games since 1960, tally
    the most points by rolling dice combinations that allow
    you to complete dice combination sections on your

  • shape learning set

    Ten wooden segments must be manipulated so that they fit back into the designated spaces. A charming challenge for all participants.

  • domino game

    With a selection of 7 colorful farm creatures (duck, sheep, goat, cow, pig, dog and rooster) printed on the 28 wooden domino
    tiles, children must match up same images. Handy wooden storage case let's you
    take Farm  Dominoes on the road or up in the air.

  • mark my words

    a new word each and every time you add a tile into the game. If you place an N
    next to an O, you spell ON and NO -  mark
    them down and score a point for each word. If the next player adds a T, to
    spell TO, NOT and TON, they mark them down for 3 points.
    Making words has never been so fun! 

  • milky words
    display 12

    Cow! Pour
    3 letter dice from
    the milk carton then watch players get muddled as they try to be the first to
    yell out a word that includes all 3 letter. And with multiple levels of play,
    this boisterous, quick-thinking party game will have you playing ‘til the cows
    come home. 

  • Tantrix Puzzles
    Available titles

    For solitaire puzzle play, the multi award-winning Tantrix™ line has puzzle choices for everyone. Choose from mesh travel puzzle, desktop puzzle or Tantrix™ Match! puzzle cards to make you go loopy. 

  • Tantrix Games
    Available game titles

    For group and family game play or solitaire puzzle play, the multi award-winning Tantrix™ line has something for everyone. Two game packs are offered in the game series. 

  • Sacred Myths and Legends
    Available Tiltes

    Aided by coded engravings and historical and geographical clues, participants must make their way through six cryptic wooden puzzles in this unique sequential Sacred Myths and Legends™ series. 

  • monster mathematical games
    display 12 asst.

    Scare-yourself-sillywith 4 monster-themed math games that you can bet on for fun!

  • epic entertainment for kidz
    display 24 asst.

    An assortment of games specifically for youngsters. Each games is contained in a durable tin, instructions are included with each. Get ready for giggles  as your kids decide who's the daddy of the gaggle, what they want to do when they grow up or who's the best at barking a song!

  • as a matter of fact
    display 24 asst.

    Five popular trivia topics test your knowledge on sports, food, the
    world, x-tremes

    comic book heroes & villains. 50 question and answer cards per tin.

  • domino game

    With a selection of 7 colorful vehicles (firetruck, boat, police car, car, motorcycle, aeroplane and ambulance) printed on the 28 wooden domino tiles, children must match up same images. The handy wooden storage case let's you take Vehicle Dominoes on the road or up in the air.

  • Mathable
    Available game titles

    Board games, card games and dice games all add up to FUN with NUMBERS!
    Ideal for classrooms or living rooms, these great games enhance math
    skills in all who participate.

  • mathable jr.

    Played like the popular letter word games, Mathable Jr.
    uses number tiles to make math equations. The reversible
    board makes it double the fun to add and subtract!

  • iq challenge
    display 12

    What's your IQ rating? 
    You have 30 minutes to
    test your skill at solving 50 memory, analytic, abstract, spatial and math problems.
    Are you adept or inept; take the test to reveal the answer! Find out how brilliant you really are!

  • rational thinking
    display 12

    Are you smarter than you think? Fifty cards are included in each pack. Your job is to answer the logical, numerical and spatial tests to determine your IQ. 

  • optical illusions
    display 12

    Is seeing really believing? Take the challenge & find out for yourself! With 50 illustrated cards in each pack, your job is to determine if what you see is what you believe to be true or is it an optical illusion! 

  • oobies

    Oobies are adorable, soft, squishy critters with a hidden pocket in the back for storing your most prized possessions. Irresistible, Squeezable, Squooshable fabric animals! Cotton Fabric Covered & Rubber Filled - Oobies have Great Feeling Weight and Substantial “Squeeze” Like a Stress Ball.

  • jok r ummy jr.

    Your first jungle mission may require 3 zebra cards
    in ascending order and
    2 animal cards with the
    same number. Draw and
    discard parrot, penguin,
    tiger and zebra cards from
    the deck until your mission
    is accomplished. Complete
    4 missions to win.