• bumpie ball

    The vibrating Bumpie ball makes its way around the house or backyard tile surfaces. Great to entertain pets too. Battery included.

  • baby doll stroller
    no baby

    Durable 8.75 x 13.25 x 23 inch baby doll stroller folds for easy storage. Fits many doll sizes. Available in patterned pink or purple.

  • magic baby bottle

    Available with an orange or pink top, these magic milk bottles, the milk seems to magically disappear from the bottle as you feed baby, are suitable for many doll brands.

  • diaper bag w/ accessories

    A pocketed carry bag filled with a change of diaper, milk bottles and containers is always good to have on hand when baby needs a change!

  • changing bag w/ accessories

    Open the fabric bag and extend the fabric changing mat for baby. Diaper, talc and baby lotion containers included. 

  • going to grandma`s

    What to take to grandma's when you visit? Your 12 inch travel-ready doll. Available in two styles of backpacks, penguin and owl, and clothes. Both include snacks and toys to take along. 

  • baby carrier set

    Two choices of portable carrier seats for the car, grocery cart, or for around the home. Each set included an adorable stuffy.

  • elephant xylophone

    Let's make some music. Bright, color-coded  11 x 5 x 7 inch tall xylophone, has 8 keys that make 8 tones, enough for musically inclined children to play a number of songs. Four double-sided cards with sheet music inspires children to follow along.

  • marble tilt

    Try to get your marble though the maze without falling through a hole. Marbles drop through the maze board into the sealed “other side” - but they NEVER FALL OUT. Roll them back up the ramp from below to play again.

  • oobies
    display 18 asst.

    Irresistible, Squeezable, Squooshable fabric animals! Cotton Fabric Covered and Rubber Filled - Oobies have Great Feeling Weight and Substantial “Squeeze” Like a Stress Ball.

  • waddles duck

    Absolutely delightful waddle duck leads the way. Push on the hand held stick and the duck feet start to waddle. 

  • travel doodle board


  • double series travel game

    A game of exclusive and original challenges! One-against-one or in teams, the goal is to form two series of 5 chips. The cards determine where you put the chips on the right boxes to create the series.

  • travel tock game

    A classic game that appeals to the whole family! The player who manages to bring all his marbles to his corner wins. To get there, you have to use the best strategies and shortcuts that the rules allow and avoid being trapped by the marbles of other players! Cards required, not Included.

  • splash art

    Draw with water - That's right! A 13 inch non-toxic drawing surface, chubby water-filled stylus and a sturdy go-anywhere frame create the perfect toy for the artistically inclined. With two sides, the child can draw on one side while the other “magically erases”. 

  • balloon animals 

    Making a menagerie of amazing animals has never been easier using this balloon modeling kit. See how many animals you can create using the instruction sheet and 24 modelling balloons.

  • pop`n a row

    Players choose one of the six animals and then take turns popping the dice until they get three in a row of their animal. This multi-award winner is suitable for any age.

  • spin`n a row

    The spinning tic-tac-toe game with eye catching design and an ultra hip spinning feature. Players take turns rotating the balls to get three-in-a-row. Fixed balls can never come out!

  • backseat bingo
    display 24

    An updated version of the timeless backseat activity, close the windows on the game card as you spy objects along the road. Game cards feature bright contemporary graphics and each set includes two cards for exciting head to head competition. Includes bonus travel games on back of each card!

  • cryptic codes
    display 12

    Fifty cards per box contain 100 codes and 3 levels of difficulty, that will test and challenge a players ability to get to the bottom of things.  

  • farm lacing puzzle

    Practice your tying skills in a fun and creative way. Yellow, red, black and blue laces and an assortment of animal figures must be tied up to the wooden barn base. Your imagination lets you decide where to tie them!

  • shoe
    lacing puzzle

    Can you tie your shoes? Practice tying the laces in a fun and creative way. Bright red laces must be thread through the holes in the wooden shoes, attaching them to the grass green wooden base.

  • rational thinking
    display 12

    Are you smarter than you think? Fifty cards are included in each pack. Your job is to answer the logical, numerical and spatial tests to determine your IQ. 

  • fishing game w/ aquarium

    Slip the 4 interlocking walls together to create a bright and colorful aquarium. Toss in the magnetized fish, turtles, crab, octopus and squid, then use the 2 magnetic fishing rods to haul them out for points.  

  • rooster music set

    Sturdy wood rooster body with brilliant musical metal feathers for children to make music with. Hit the keys, smack the drum or rub the washboard.

  • optical illusions
    display 12

    Is seeing really believing? Take the challenge to find out for yourself! With 50 illustrated cards in each pack, your job is to determine if what you see is what you believe to be true or is it an optical illusion! 

  • fishing game

    Played on a bright blue wooden board, depicting the ocean, players first position the lighthouse, whale, coconut palm and boat at the sides to elevate the board. Once the fish are positioned into the slots, let the fishing begin! Using the wooden fishing rod, players manipulate the hook end through the open space in the fish, pulling them out as points. It's a game you'll get hooked on!

  • mathable quattro

    Your number's UP! Popular letter and word games have moved up a notch by using numbers and math!  This addictive card game stimulate and strengthen math and laugh skills. Play your cards making math equations - a great game for the entire family! 

  • getta grip
    24 asst.

    Eight hang-tagged metal puzzle titles will entertain yet strain the minds of puzzle enthusiasts age 8+. Four levels of difficulty.

  • tantrix discovery puzzle
    display 36 mesh

    Over 4 million sold worldwide. Comprising 10 numbered hexagonal-shaped plastic tiles per mesh bag, the display holds 36 bags - ideal for tourist and travel situations.

  • cathedral magnetic travel

    Conceived by Robert Moore, a pilot in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, this travel version of the original Cathedral
    game features magnetized pieces and playing surfaces to keep pieces in place while
    on the move. Victory goes to the landowner who can position more of their buildings within the game board walls, thereby capturing space, and points. Blocking the opponent from placing their pieces is also the goal.

  • feed and comfort set

    A trio treat for baby doll - a sip cup, pacifier and a milk bottle that makes 4 different sounds.

  • iq challenge

    Set a time limit of 30 minutes. Have paper and pencil handy for quick calculations. Answer as many Memory, analytic, abstract, spatial and math questions as you can in the time allotted. At the end, tally up the answers and look at the Score Card for your IQ rating. A cognitive creation that will put your problem-solving skills to the test.  For Ages 10+. Answers are included.

  • farm animal small peg puzzle

    Five friendly farm peg puzzle pieces all in a row. Remove them from the frame then put them  back in the proper order. Was it the cow first, then chicken, cat, pig and lamb? Only one way works!

  • LM bbq play set

    What`s Cooking on the Little Moppet Bar B Q? The bright orange, black and silver Bar B Q will light up a child's mind and imagination. And there is no chance of burning the hot-dogs, fish, steak and corn-on-the-cob. 15 x 15 x 25 inches tall.

  • Little Moppet watering can kits
    6 asst.

    Little Moppet planting kits start flowers, veggies and children's imaginations growing!  Made to accommodate small hands, plant the seed of fun by having them sow and maintain their very own garden. Watering Can Kits help children feed and care for their plants. Each kit contains a metal water can, a pair of garden gloves and a hand trowel. Kits come in blue, red, and green.

  • Little Moppet tool belt kits
    6 asst.

    Little Moppet planting kits start flowers, veggies and children's imaginations growing! Our Garden Tool Belt keeps the hand trowel, hand fork and polka-dot garden gloves within reach. Available in red and green and blue and green

  • Little Moppet garden chairs
    12 asst.

    An assortment of 12 folding Little Moppet Outdoor Garden Chairs for youngsters 4+.  Available in Red, Green and Blue , each comes packaged in their very own carry bag and expand to measure 22 x 14 x 23 inches tall. These durable, safety-tested chairs  are a must have for for parks, the beach, backyards, camping...

  • are we there yet? auto travel card game
    display 24

    Set the wheels of fun in motion with this engrossing travel game. Little red auto bags contain everything you need to play 'Eye-Spy' while on the road. Spot the most travel items on the travel cards to win points!

  • farm tray puzzle

    You're bound for the country-side! Remove the 48 wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces, then try to recreate the idyllic farm scene within the tray border. 

  • tic tac toe toss game

    Toss your bags at the 9 keys on the floor unit in an attempt to flip them to achieve  three X's or O's in a row. This is a game you'll flip over!

  • nature jigsaw

    With just 3 pieces per colorful puzzle, players young and old strengthen hand-eye coordination skills.

  • nature jigsaw

    With just 3 pieces per colorful puzzle, players young and old strengthen hand-eye coordination skills.

  • nature jigsaw

    With just 3 pieces per colorful puzzle, players young and old strengthen hand-eye coordination skills.

  • nature jigsaw

    With just 3 pieces per colorful puzzle, players young and old strengthen hand-eye coordination skills.

  • LM princess travel case

    Always be camera ready when you take your bright pink Princess travel case with you. It quickly transforms into a 4-legged vanity area, keeping beauty accessories at your finger tips. With lights and sound action as well as fun stickers to personalize the inside of the working area and perfume bottles. Plastic case expands from 9.5 x 4 x 15 inch tall to 21 x 9.5 x 20.5 inch tall.

  • LM little chef travel case

    Take your cooking skills on the road - for catering birthday parties, or other special food events. This compact rolling travel case quickly transforms into a 4-legged work surface, keeping kitchen utensils and cooking tools close by.  With light and sound action as well as fun stickers to personalize the inside of the working area. Plastic case expands from 9.5 x 4 x 15 inch tall to 21 x 9.5 x 20.5 inch tall.

  • LM doctor travel case

    If you are called to a medical emergency, this compact rolling travel case quickly transforms into a 4-legged surface, keeping the doctors surgical and exploratory equipment close at hand. Fun stickers are included to personalize the inside of the working area. Plastic case expands from 9.5 x 4 x 15 inch tall to 21 x 9.5 x 20.5 inch tall.

  • baby doll w/ stroller

    13 inch baby doll is ready to go a stroll to the park in the pretty, metal stroller. Folds for easy transportation and storage.

  • LM tool set travel case

    You never know when a pipe will burst or something needs fixing around the house. Have the handy Tool Set travel case ready to go as it quickly transforms into a 4-legged work surface, keeping tools and construction equipment accessible. Self-adhesive tickers are included to personalize the inside of the working area. Plastic case expands from 9.5 x 4 x 15 inch tall to 21 x 9.5 x 20.5 inch tall.

  • basket toss tree

    Attach the basket tree, fill the base with water to weigh it down, then step back and start throwing the bean bags. Five different baskets = different scores so aim high. 

  • disc toss tree

    Attach the magnetic targets to the tree, attach to the base, then start throwing the discs at three different targets of differing point values. So aim LOW for the biggest score.

  • bean bag toss game

    Stand back and take aim at the 4 pockets in the fabric target. Each has a different score value so try to get your bags right in the middle pocket for the highest score!

  • bag and disc toss set

    In order to score points, hanging targets of differing point values must be flipped up. Use bags or discs to do the job. 

  • jokes on you
    squirt camera

    Say Cheese - Fill the camera with water then ask someone to take a selfie...As the camera can squirt in any 360 degree direction, aim the nozzle at the one taking the shot so you don't get wet.