• inverse

    ECO RESPONSIBLE - This strategic game of obstruction and construction has players placing their pieces on the board so that their opponent cannot add one to the game. Deciding to position the pieces flat, on end, or on their side can create ingenious blocks and mayhem for your opponent!

  • washer toss game

    MADE IN CANADA - Take the fun outside with this activity game reminiscent of Horse Shoes. Placed at a distance of 21 feet apart, opposing players throw their 5 colored washers into the opponent's toss box in an attempt to accumulate the most points. Made of premium solid wood, the 2 boxes snap together for easy transportation. Great activity for youngsters and seniors.

  •  fast slingpuck game

    MADE IN CANADA - A game of action and speed where the goal is to pass all of your chips into the opposing players side of the sectioned board. But the action must be done using one hand only, and using the elastic band to propel your chips through the opening to the other side! Take aim and let the fun fly! Simultaneously, both players must put all their pucks through the hatch so that they reach the adverse camp. Solid wood game board.

  • ring toss game set

    MADE IN CANADA - An outdoor game needing simple skills, ring toss encourage players to be active outdoors.  The challenge can be whatever you make it. Take aim at a specific color of peg, or move the targets further away. Whichever way you play, the goal is the same - land your rings on specified pegs for points. Great activity for youngsters and seniors.

  • buddies assortment of 12

    Tutti Frutti BUDDIES sets invoke a sense of accomplishment in youngsters who have not yet developed the skills to create animal features. A plastic animal head and paws (or claws, or hoofs) are included in each set. All the child has to do is add the ball of dough between the head and feet and behold, they have created their very own animal. Six comical creatures to choose from inn each assortment of 12: Cat, Dog, Fox, Owl, Cow, and Sheep included. room deodorizers. As the child becomes more accomplished, feathers, spots, fur can be added as details.

  • finnish bowling

    MADE IN CANADA - A great outdoor game where the goal is to score 50 points by knocking down the wooden pins which are numbered 1 to 12. 

  • champion sand bag game

    MADE IN CANADA - The goal is simple: players must throw the sandbags into the squares of the game to earn the most points possible.You must target paying squares! The difficulty level can be adjusted according to the distance to which is placed the foul line

  • pinnochi and carrom game

    Played on a wooden board, the object of this "finger pool" game is to strike a wooden disc so that it contacts lighter discs and propels them into 1 of 4 corner pockets. But you must sink your pieces before the opponent sinks theirs. Plus, the queen must be pocketed and "covered" by pocketing one of one's own pieces on the same or a subsequent shot. It is a very historic game, first played in India.

  • crokinole deluxe

    MADE IN CANADA - A unique family game! Recalling the game of pichenotte, the goal of the croquignole is to make as many points as possible by landing the discs in the paying areas of the game board. But be careful, a few rules increase the complexity of the game, so you must be strategic

  • travel doodle board

    The lightweight travel size doodle board is ideal to carry everywhere. Write, draw and print forms by using the magnetic pen. The colorful designs emerge from the tablet like magic. Simply draw what you want then erase quickly by dragging the yellow button along the bottom of the tablet., and repeat as you like! Perfect pastime to stimulate creativity and imagination! 

  • jumbo doodle board

    The Jumbo size doodle board lets you put down your big ideas. Write, draw and print forms by using the magnetic pen. The colorful designs emerge from the tablet like magic. Simply draw what you want then erase quickly by dragging the yellow button along the bottom of the tablet., and repeat as you like! Perfect pastime to stimulate creativity and imagination! 

  • my first crayons

    Made to fit snugly in the palm of little hands, this selection of 10 bright colored crayons make very first drawings a breeze.

  • bathtub crayons

    Rub a dub dub, let's crayon in the tub! Each set of eight unscented bathtub crayons lets artistic children (and adults) continue to create, even in the bathtub! No risk of staining the tub or tiles.

  • super sling puck

    MADE IN CANADA - Simultaneously, both players must put all their pucks through the hatch so that they reach the adverse camp. It is a game of action and speed as you must act quickly to win 3 rounds and win the game.

  • super flipop

    MADE IN CANADA - A great wooden version of a shuffle board or pin-ball game, players use the elastic band as a pull and push force instead of paddles, trying to be the first to accumulate 1000 score points. But avoid getting your pucks in the holes in the board! Can be played by 2 people or 2 teams.  Solid wood game boards

  • jokes on you C
    24 asst.

    An Assortment of “Bigger & Better” Fiendishly Funny Pranks. Assortment C includes  Rubber Banana-Squirt Button - Vomit and Rubber Turd - Off with the finger Guillotine-Brain Floss-Candy Can with popping snake.

  • jokes on you B
    display 24 asst.

    Introducing classic practical jokes for the maniacal merriment of the professional prankster! Assortment B: Whoopee Cushion-Poop-Ketchup with Bug-Paw Prints-Cookie Surprise-Magic Ink 

  • tantrix gobble the game
    cardboard tiles

    Tantrix has been sped up to become a frantic, interactive party game.
    With everyone adding tiles at the same time, Gobble editions reward
    quick placement of the tiles, rather than careful strategy, creating a
    frantic, fast-paced game that the whole family can play.  Also includes a
    booklet with 25 puzzle challenges.

  • tantrix match!
    display 12

    placing a card in the frame, cover the pre-marked spaces with the corresponding
    Tantrix tiles. Position left-over tiles into the empty spaces to form a
    continuous loop of color. With 12 cards, 3 objectives and 3 levels of
    difficulty, there are many potential positions but only one correct placement!

  • mark my words

    a new word each and every time you add a letter tile into the game. If you place an N
    next to an O, you spell ON and NO - mark
    them down and score a point for each word. If the next player adds a T, to
    spell TO, NOT and TON, they mark them down for 3 points. Making words has never been so fun! 

  • the risk factor
    display 12

    Roll the 9 dice and see how many times you can spell TEN or ONE in each roll. You get 10 points for the T and 1 point for the O. But if you make the decision to roll again and cannot spell either word, you lose ALL your accumulated
    points. Addictive family fun.

  • cubeD3
    display  27 asst.

    Six different objectives for 6 different puzzles.  It's a clear-cut case of fun as puzzle participants must maneuver the metal spheres from one side of the transparent cube
    to the other.

  • dubL trubL puzL
    display 32 asst.

    Two challenges in one puzzle! This series of colorful puzzle discs has players tilting and tipping the puzzle until all of the small spheres settle into the holes of the puzzle. Then, the puzzle can be flipped over for a double dose of puzzle trouble!

  • fishing game

    Played on a bright blue wooden board, depicting the ocean, players first position the lighthouse, whale, coconut palm and boat at the sides to elevate the board. Once the fish are positioned into the slots, let the fishing begin! Using the wooden fishing rod, players manipulate the hook end through the open space in the fish, pulling them out as points. It's a game you'll get hooked on!

  • fishing game w/ aquarium

    Slip the 4 interlocking walls together to create a bright and colorful aquarium. Toss in the magnetized fish, turtles, crab, octopus and squid, then use the 2 magnetic fishing rods to haul them out for points.  

  • tantrix discovery game
    mini pocket
    display of 12

    The Tantrix mini pocket game tiles have reduced in size, but not in the fun factor!  Just take it out of your pocket, and try to make the longest line or loop of your chosen color. As the paths grow wild and serpentine with each tile addition, clever moves are made to block or detour an opponent's path.

  • marble tilt

    Try to get your marble though the maze without falling through a hole. Marbles drop through the maze board into the sealed “other side” - but they NEVER FALL OUT. Roll them back up the ramp from below to play again.

  • spin`n a row

    The spinning tic-tac-toe game with eye catching design and an ultra hip spinning feature. Players take turns rotating the balls to get three-in-a-row. Fixed balls can never come out!

  • pop`n a row

    Players choose one of the six animals and then take turns popping the dice until they get three in a row of their animal. This multi-award winner is suitable for any age.

  • splash art

    Draw with water - That's right! A 13 inch non-toxic drawing surface, chubby water-filled stylus and a sturdy go-anywhere frame create the perfect toy for the artistically inclined. With two sides, the child can draw on one side while the other magically erases.

  • jokes on you A
    display 24 asst.

    Introducing classic practical jokes for the maniacal merriment of the professional prankster! Assortment A: Pet Poop-Goofy Teeth-Nail-through-finger-Squirt Ring-Bug-in-Ice Cube-Rubber Pencil.

  • waddles duck

    Absolutely delightful waddle duck leads the way to fun and adventure. Push on the hand-held stick and the duck starts to quack and the feet start to waddle. The faster you push, the faster he quacks.