• totally glueless magnificent dinosaur machine

    Totally Glueless Magnificent Dinosaur Machine is an automaton – a moving machine. Push out the pieces from the frame and slot them together by following the instructional poster. Once assembled, turn the handle to watch the Dinosaur walk and seemingly ROAR! 16 inch tall when assembled.

  • totally glueless magnificent flying machine

    It's time to get creative with this amazing Magnificent Flying Machine moving card model Puzzle! Build it from scratch, piece by piece. When completed, turn the handle to watch this wonderful creation come to life before your eyes.

  • totally glueless magnificent marble machine

    Build this intricate and imaginative model piece by piece, creating a gravity fed Magnificent Marble Machine model. And all without glue! Once assembled, turn the handle to watch the marbles roll down the ramp and then ‘magically’ make their way back up again.

  • totally glueless magnificent walking machine

    Just pop out the parts and slot them together to create an amazing interactive Walking Machine, all without glue! Then turn the handle and watch your machine start to walk.