• tutti frutti happy halloween kit

    NEW FOR 2024 Take a pinch, or a handful of Tutti Frutti Scented Dough. Then use the four double-sided stick and stain resistant outline cards to help form your Halloween themed creations. Witches hat, Pumpkin, Spider… Or, make your own designs! The Color Blending Chart shows you how to mix colors to attain endless color and aromas variations, even BLACK.

  • tutti frutti sparkling letters & numbers kit

    24 alphabet cookie cutters, 10 number cutters, plus 2 equation cutters = hours of learning fun. Make them, then decorate them using pear, blueberry, strawberry, banana and grape scented sparkling modeling dough.

  • tutti frutti sparkling space kit

    Fly me to the moon and travel through the stars. Multiple tubs of sparkling modeling dough have children molding and cutting out space-themed pieces with included cutters. With the benefit of sparkling dough, a sprinkle of magic is added to each and every creation. In handy 10.75” x 8.25” x 3.5” fabric carry bag.

  • mark my words

    Create a new word each and every time you add a letter tile into the game. If you place an N next to an O, you spell ON and NO - mark them down and score a point for each word. If the next player adds a T, to spell TO, NOT and TON, they mark them down for 3 points. Making words has never been so fun! 

  • babalu crossword jigsaws

    First solve the crossword puzzle on paper, then use it as your guide to assemble the 550 pc. jigsaw puzzles. Five titles.

  • the risk factor game
    display 12

    Roll the 9 dice and see how many times you can spell TEN or ONE in each roll. You get 10 points for the T and 1 point for the O. But if you make the decision to roll again and cannot spell either word, you lose ALL your accumulated points.

  • tutti frutti friends
    12 asst. kits

    NEW FOR 2024 cards and 3 tubs of scented dough: lemon yellow, red cherry, and cotton candy blue. Fun facts can be read to children off of the included pamphlet. Blendable dough that won't stick or stain. FOR USA MARKET ONLY

  • tutti frutti friends on the farm

    NEW FOR 2024 Scoop up some banana, blueberry, strawberry, or vanilla-scented dough into your hand, then fit the colors onto the large outline cards to create a duck, a cow, a goat... By using the cards and the extra animals depicted on the play mat, 12 friends can be formed! Have an adult or older person read all about each creature that lives on the farm. FOR USA MARKET

  • tutti frutti food from the farm

    NEW FOR 2024 Scoop up some banana, blueberry, strawberry, or vanilla-scented dough into your hand, then fit the colors onto the large outline cards to create an apple, a carrot, an egg... By using the cards and the extra foods depicted on the play mat, 12 items can be formed! Have an adult or older person read all about each food item from the farm. USA MARKET ONLY.

  • mathable classic

    Your number's UP! Popular letter and word games have moved up a notch by using numbers and math!  These addictive tile games stimulate and strengthen math and laugh skills. Decide which of your tiles to play in order to create addition, subtraction, division or multiplication  equations - a great game for the entire family!

  • mathable jr.

    Played like the popular letter word games, Mathable Jr. uses number tiles to make math Addition and Subtraction equations. The reversible board makes it double the fun to add and subtract!

  • don`t break the bottle wine puzzle

    The next time you are invited to a friend's home for dinner, bring along their favourite bottle of wine locked within this perplexing wooden puzzle. Our original wood edition from the popular Don't Break The Bottle of puzzlers continues to spark conversation and bring smiles and a bit of perplexity to the dinner table.

  • don`t break the bottle wine puzzle

    The original bottle puzzle has been given an extra twist... a corkscrew! Fit a favorite bottle of wine into this sleek wooden contraption and secure the bottle with the corkscrew lock. Slip your gift into the accompanying gift bag and hand it to your host. Dinner conversation will flow and wine will flow, but only if you solve the puzzle!

  • Don`t Count On It™ Ultimate Gift Card
    Display of 12

    This popular puzzler fits every gift card! Present a gift CARD in a unique way! Ideal for birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers, anniversaries and holiday celebrations. 

  • tutti frutti buddies kit

    PET "BUDDIES" kit is specifically made for youngsters 18 months and up. With a plastic cat and dog head, paw and tail parts, add the dough to the mid-section. An instant animal! Children can vary the dough shape from round, squat, elongated, whatever shape they want. And try using other colored dough, sparkling dough and scents! If left to dry out, rehydrate the dough to make it reusable. Three 100g / 3.5oz tubs of  scented orange, banana, cotton candy.

  • tutti frutti party bucket

    The most complete set to create everything that children can imagine thanks to a combination of modeling dough colors, scents and tools! The festive bucket contains enough tools and modeling dough to entertain several children at once! Great for birthday parties, sleep overs and general get-togethers where children are involved. Winner of the Creative Play of the Year award.

  • rustik double series game

    MADE IN CANADA - A game of exclusive and original challenges! Played one-against-one or in teams, the goal is to form two series of 5 chips. The cards determine if you put the chips on the right boxes to create the series.

  • rustik chinese checkers

    Be the first to move all your marbles to the opposite triangle on the board in this beautiful, classic wooden board game, proudly Made in Canada.

  • rustik deluxe rummy
    wood case

    Played much like the popular card game, be the first player to completely empty your easel of all playing tiles by forming different combinations. In gorgeous wood carry case.

  • magnetic darts game

    The 'Original' magnetic dart game. Hang it up, take a few steps back and let the darts fly! If you miss the mat, it won't be a problem as the darts can't damage walls, furniture or the family pet! Flip the 16.75 x 1.5 x 19.5 inch mat for an additional challenge.

  • little moppet backpack play set

    This adorable pale blue & white backpack with fabric shoulder straps measures 6.7” (17cm) wide x 10” (25.4cm) tall x 3.9” (9.9cm) deep. When the backpack is opened, the trays inside expand the space outwards, holding all sorts of necessary doctors implements.

  • jumbo doodle board

    The Jumbo size doodle board lets you put down your big ideas. Write and draw using the magnetic pen. The colorful designs emerge from the tablet like magic. Simply draw what you want then erase quickly by dragging the yellow button along the bottom of the tablet, and repeat as you like! Perfect pastime to stimulate creativity and imagination! 

  • tutti frutti monsters trio kit

    This set allows children to use their imagination by creating monsters in all shapes and sizes. Includes wings, legs plastic eye balls, everything needed for a marvelous monster activity.