• butterfly umbrella

    This perfect pink and purple children's umbrella is also proper to use in the sunshine!

  • fairy umbrella

    A playful pattern of flitting fairies adorn this pale pink children's umbrella.

  • babalu wire umbrella display
    free w/ 36 asst.

    Set off Babalu umbrellas in this attractive wire floor display. Can be easily repositioned in your store to attract customers, depending on the weather! FREE with purchase of 36 assorted children's umbrellas. One per store.

  • ladybug umbrella

    Add a splash of whimsy to a rainy day with this playful ladybug dot pattern with popping eyes children's umbrella.

  • babalu umbrella counter display
    free w/ 18 asst.

    Cardboard counter display - FREE w / 18 asst. umbrellas. One per store.

  • dinosaurs umbrella

    Playful dinosaurs adorn this popular green children's umbrella.

  • ducks umbrella

    Beautiful bright blue children's umbrella, with bold yellow ducks enjoying the rain shower.

  • dinosaurs umbrella

    Playful dinosaurs adorn this popular blue children's umbrella.

  • spring butterflies umbrella

    It's springtime and the Rhodamine Red butterflies are hovering all over on this transparent vinyl children's umbrella.

  • raining cats & dogs umbrella

    Children will love being outside on a rainy day with their very own little cat and dog umbrella!

  • aquarium umbrella

    Nine inhabitants of the aquarium are shown on the transparent children's umbrella with adorable blue trim.

  • yoga cats umbrella

    These are some real laidback cats! The Yoga Cats Umbrella features fun cats in yoga poses. Inspiring for children to recreate those same poses! With a bright handle, covered wires, and safety tips on the end of the wires to prevent pinched fingers or tangled hair!

  • mermaid color changing umbrella

    A little bit of rain from above, or from the hose, and this colorful children's umbrella of fantasy Mermaids changes color.

  • funny butterflies umbrella w/ clear panel

    What fun children will have seeing the array of butterflies scattered on top. With clear panel so kids can see what's ahead of them.

  • duck parade umbrella

    Strike up the band; the duck parade is coming! Ducks are shown searching for food and friends on a bright summer day.

  • farm umbrella w/ clear panel

    The cutest mama and baby farm animals cover this charming children's umbrella. One panel is clear so youngsters can see what's ahead of them!

  • bugs bugs bugs umbrella

    What fun children will have seeing the array of bugs in the cute and quality made umbrella.

  • emergency vehicles umbrella

    Firetrucks, tow trucks, police cars and helicopters are just a few of the vehicles that adorn this delightful children's umbrella.

  • space umbrella

    Get ready for space adventure as this nylon umbrella shows a spaceship the planets, asteroids and other identifiable objects from the deep blue.