• CubeD3 & dubl trubl puzls

    Colorful solitaire puzzles are perfect on so many occasions! Travel, waiting rooms, public transportation...

  • indoor / outdoor bag & disc toss set

    In order to score points, hanging targets of differing point values must be flipped up. Use bags or discs to do the job. 

  • are we there yet? travel card game
    display 24

    Set the wheels of fun in motion with this engrossing travel game. Little red auto bags contain everything you need to play 'Eye-Spy' while on the road. Spot the most travel items on the travel cards to win points!

  • indoor / outdoor disc toss tree

    Attach the magnetic targets to the tree, attach to the base, then start throwing the discs at three different targets of differing point values. So aim LOW for the biggest score.

  • are we there yet? travel card game
    display 12

    Set the wheels of fun in motion with this engrossing travel game. Little red auto bags contain everything you need to play 'Eye-Spy' while on the road. Spot the most travel items on the travel cards to win points! 4.75" bag, 108 double-sided cards.

  • indoor / outdoor bean bag toss game

    Stand back and take aim at the 4 pockets in the fabric target. Each has a different score value so try to get your bags right in the middle pocket for the highest score!

  • rainy dogs, & cats & frogs & farm animal umbrellas

    It's not raining dogs & cats, it's rainy frogs and farm animals too.

  • mathable game book

    120+ puzzles involving basic mathematical skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be played in five different ways. It is sure to keep the whole family occupied!  Age 9+.

  • indoor / outdoor basket toss tree

    Attach the basket tree, fill the base with water to weigh it down, then step back and start throwing the bean bags. Five different baskets = different scores so aim high. 

  • tantrix discovery mini pocket game
    display 12

    The Tantrix mini pocket game tiles have reduced in size, but not in the fun factor!  Stuffed to the brim with solitaire puzzle and strategy games, this handy game pack is the perfect “grab-and-go” accessory for the entire family. Includes 56 bakelite tiles, nylon travel/storage bag and an instruction booklet with over 25 puzzle and game combinations!

  • indoor / outdoor tic tac toe toss

    Toss your bags at the 9 keys on the floor unit in an attempt to flip them to achieve three X's or O's in a row. This is a game you'll flip over!

  • TVNA
    brain teasers

    Three challenging card conundrums. Test your ability to think and solve.

  • tantrix discovery puzzle
    display 24 wood

    Comprising 10 numbered hexagonal-shaped tiles per set, the object of Tantrix puzzles is to create a continuous loop of unbroken color that runs through all intersecting tiles. Each time a tile is added (in numerical sequence) into the puzzle mix, the color of loop changes and the more challenging Tantrix becomes. FYI – the record stands at 500 tiles or 50 sets! 

  • tantrix discovery puzzle
    display 12 boxed

    Over 4 million sold worldwide. Comprising of10 numbered hexagonal-shaped plastic tiles per box, the display holds 12 bags - ideal for tourist and travel situations.

  • bumpie ball

    The vibrating Bumpie ball makes its way around the house or backyard tile surfaces. Great to entertain pets too. Battery included.

  • bugs bugs bugs umbrella

    What fun children will have seeing the array of bugs in the cute and quality made umbrella.

  • yoga cats umbrella

    These are some real laidback cats! The Yoga Cats Umbrella features fun cats in yoga poses. Inspiring for children to recreate those same poses! With a bright handle, covered wires, and safety tips on the end of the wires to prevent pinched fingers or tangled hair!

  • tantrix discovery game pack
    display 6

    Tantrix strategy games add a whole different level of challenge as players try to make the longest line or loop of their chosen color. As the paths grow wild and serpentine with each tile addition, clever moves are made to block or detour an opponent's path.

  • bugs & butterfly umbrellas

    From butterflies to lady bugs, everyone loves the rain!

  • cathedral magnetic travel

    Conceived by Robert Moore, a pilot in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, this travel version of the original Cathedral game features magnetized pieces and playing surfaces to keep pieces in place while on the move. Victory goes to the landowner who can position more of their buildings within the game board walls, thereby capturing space, points and blocking the opponent from placing their pieces.

  • magnetic darts game

    The 'Original' magnetic dart game. Hang it up, take a few steps back and let the darts fly! If you miss the mat, it won't be a problem as the darts can't damage walls, furniture or the family pet! Flip the 16.75 x 1.5 x 19.5 inch mat for an additional challenge.

  • roll
    puzz puzzle mat
    compact size

    If you love doing puzzles but don't have available space to lay them out, these  easy carry and store non-slip felt mats offers a work surface and a storage system. For puzzles up to 1,000 pieces, this compact 2-pc. storage tube is ideal for tiny house living and other situations with limited space. Great for playing cards, counting coins, or a mouse pad. Felt mat measures 69,85 x 57,15cm / 27.5 x 22.5 inch.

  • iq challenge card pack
    display 12

    What's your IQ rating? You have 30 minutes to test your skill at solving 50 memory, analytic, abstract, spatial and math problems. Are you adept or inept; take the test to reveal the answer! Find out how brilliant you really are! BILINGUAL

  • mathable domino

    Say goodbye to domino dots and give a nod to numbers. It all adds up to fun no matter how you place your tiles. By replacing the dots with numbers, players must use basic math equations to achieve the highest score. Simple? Yes. Smart? Definitely. Fun? Totally!

  • just ducky umbrellas

    Get you and your duck umbrellas outside when the rain starts. Three duck titles