• Don`t Count On It
    Available puzzle titles

    A selection of wacky puzzle contraptions that lock up anything you can slide inside: money, tickets, gift cards.

  • Roll
    Puzz Products

    Easily carry and store your completed or uncompleted puzzles with this non-slip felt mat that offers both a work surface and a storage system for puzzles. The 2-pc. compact storage tubes are ideal for tiny house living and other situations where space is limited. Great for playing cards, counting coins, as a mouse pad.

  • magnetic darts game

    The 'Original' magnetic dart game. Hang it up, take a few steps back and let the darts fly! If you miss the mat, it won't be a problem as the darts can't damage walls, furniture or the family pet! Flip the 16.75 x 1.5 x 19.5 inch mat for an additional challenge.

  • matchitecture titles (medium)

    Eight available titles of the medium Wooden Microbeam Construction Kits containing 1050 - 1750 microbeams. Ideal for seniors and solitaire time.

  • babalu crossword jigsaws

    First solve the crossword puzzle on paper, then use it as your guide to assemble the 550 pc. jigsaw puzzles. Five titles.

    travel games

    Keep occupied during trips or when you arrive with RUSTIK portable games.

    outdoor games

    Get outside in the fresh air with these sturdy toss games.

  • Tutti Frutti Buddies Kits

    Six adorable and funky animal modeling dough kits to choose from.

  • Tutti Frutti Refills

    Candy, cake, tropical fruit, fruits and unscented refills

  • Tutti Frutti Refills
    Gluten Free

    Candy, cake, tropical fruit and unscented gluten free dough is available in 2- pack, 3-pack, 4-packsand more. Even unscented gluten free dough is available

  • tempera paint sticks
    12 asst. colors

    Whenever the creative urge strikes, you’re ready to go—no need for water, brushes or protective layers, no worries about spills or messy cleanup. Brilliant colors inspire dazzling artwork … posters for school… cardboard creations… wooden toys.

  • matchitecture titles (small)

    Eight available titles of the small Wooden Microbeam Construction Kits containing 500 - 850 microbeams. Ideal for seniors and solitaire time.

  • jumbo doodle board

    The Jumbo size doodle board lets you put down your big ideas. Write and draw using the magnetic pen. The colorful designs emerge from the tablet like magic. Simply draw what you want then erase quickly by dragging the yellow button along the bottom of the tablet, and repeat as you like! Perfect pastime to stimulate creativity and imagination! 

  • mark my words

    Create a new word each and every time you add a letter tile into the game. If you place an N next to an O, you spell ON and NO - mark them down and score a point for each word. If the next player adds a T, to spell TO, NOT and TON, they mark them down for 3 points. Making words has never been so fun! 

  • Don`t Break The Bottle 
    available titles

    The next time you are invited to a friend's home for dinner, bring along their favorite bottle of wine locked within a perplexing wooden puzzle. Spark conversation and bring smiles and a bit of perplexity to the dinner table with two available editions.

  • Mathable
    Available titles

    Board games, card games and dice games all add up to FUN with NUMBERS! Ideal for classrooms or living rooms, these great games enhance math skills in all who participate.

  • Strategy Games
    Available titles

    For 2, 3 or 4 players, we have strategy games to test your competitive skills to the limit! Multilingual English - French - Spanish - German

  • CubeD3 & dubl trubl puzls

    Colorful solitaire puzzles are perfect on so many occasions! Travel, waiting rooms, public transportation...

  • totally glueless automaton kits

    Challenging paper product construction kits hold together entirely without glue or tape! Four titles available.