• boom
    travel game

    The classic game of strategic naval battle. Be the first to successfully target and eliminate your opponent's fleet.

  • Little Moppet Toss Games

    Lightweight and portable, set up inside or outdoors. Great exercise for seniors.

  • Little Moppet Unique Puzzles

    Ink & Stamp puzzles, interactive alphabet and number puzzles, shoe-lacing puzzles as well as sliding puzzles fit into this unique category. If you want something different, look here!

  • Little Moppet Tray Puzzles

    The frame keeps puzzles in place. Simple remove the pieces from the tray, then add them back inside to recreate farm scenes, the ocean, and Noah's Ark...

  • Little Moppet
    race tracks

    Double, foldable, or with a garage.

  • tutti frutti sparkling tea time kit

    Tea time takes on a whole different vibe using sparkling pear, bubblegum and banana scented modeling dough. Set up the plastic tea set and prepare cookies to serve at play time.

  • Reeve + Jones single jokes

    Plenty of joke choices to pester friends and family.

  • Tutti Frutti Tubs 1K

    When you want more of your favourite colors, a choice of twelve 1K tubs

  • Math Games
    available titles

    Board games, card games and dice games all add up to FUN with NUMBERS! Ideal for classrooms or living rooms, these great games enhance math skills in all who participate.

  • bumpie ball

    The vibrating Bumpie ball makes its way around the house or backyard tile surfaces. Great to entertain pets too. Battery included.

  • fishing game w/ aquarium

    Slip the 4 interlocking walls together to create a bright and colorful aquarium. Toss in the magnetized fish, turtles, crab, octopus and squid, then use the 2 magnetic fishing rods to haul them out for points.  

  • Little Moppet Bathtub Fun

    From bathtub crayons and waterfalls to fabulous floating friends.

  • indoor / outdoor basket toss tree

    Attach the basket tree, fill the base with water to weigh it down, then step back and start throwing the bean bags. Five different baskets = different scores so aim high. 

  • indoor / outdoor disc toss tree

    Attach the magnetic targets to the tree, attach to the base, then start throwing the discs at three different targets of differing point values. So aim LOW for the biggest score.

  • indoor / outdoor bean bag toss game

    Stand back and take aim at the 4 pockets in the fabric target. Each has a different score value so try to get your bags right in the middle pocket for the highest score!

  • indoor / outdoor tic tac toe toss

    Toss your bags at the 9 keys on the floor unit in an attempt to flip them to achieve three X's or O's in a row. This is a game you'll flip over!

  • reeve + jones sort
    matic money bank

    The name says it all! You earn the money and the Sort-o-matic bank automatically sorts it for you, no batteries required. Holds over $20.00 in coins. Using a cool lever, coins can be dispensed one at a time for your spending convenience.

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    oops kit

    Oops inspiring pranks include: Drink spill, vomit, mustard pack, spilled ketchup, magic ink, footprints, squirt gum, broken window, brain floss, pencil through the finger, and a SURPRISE 11TH PRANK.

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    ouch kit

    The Ouch prank kit includes: nail through finger, magic guillotine, 6th finger, nail through head, brain floss, snapping gum, bolt in the head, magic knife, fake wounds and a surprise “BONUS” 10th Prank.

  • jumbo doodle board

    The Jumbo size doodle board lets you put down your big ideas. Write and draw using the magnetic pen. The colorful designs emerge from the tablet like magic. Simply draw what you want then erase quickly by dragging the yellow button along the bottom of the tablet, and repeat as you like! Perfect pastime to stimulate creativity and imagination! 

  • Tutti Frutti Tubs 250g

    Twelve available Tutti Frutti scented modeling dough scents come in 250g tubs.

  • my first crayons

    Made to fit snugly in the palm of little hands, this selection of 10 bright colored crayons make very first drawings a breeze. 

  • Little Moppet
    wooden learning toys

    Learning through laughter is evident an Gross Motor Skills are enhanced when playing with toys.

  • waddles duck

    Absolutely delightful waddles duck leads the way to fun and adventure. Push on the hand-held stick and the duck starts to quack and the feet start to waddle. The faster you push, the faster it quacks.

  • tutti frutti party bucket

    The most complete set to create everything that children can imagine thanks to a combination of modeling dough colors, scents and tools! The festive bucket contains enough tools and modeling dough to entertain several children at once! Great for birthday parties, sleep overs and general get-togethers where children are involved. Winner of the Creative Play of the Year award.

  • domino game

    With a selection of 7 colorful vehicles (firetruck, boat, police car, car, motorcycle, aeroplane and ambulance) printed on the 28 wooden domino tiles, children must match up same images. The handy wooden storage case let's you take Vehicle Dominoes on the road or up in the air.

  • city building blocks
    84 pc.

    Everything needed to build your own magical town, the 8 mats are fitted together to create train tracks and cross walks. Colorful blocks can be used to construct the town buildings and a school bus.

  • 2 in 1 easel and play table

    The sturdy 28 x 19 x 48 inch double-faced vertical easel transforms into a 18 x 19 x 20 inch tall horizontal flat play table for multiple play options. 

  • Little Moppet
    wooden building toys

    A selection of wooden building sets for youngsters or elders.

  • Little Moppet
    wooden games

    A selection of wooden games to enhance play skills in all ages.

  • chick tabletop easel

    Our sturdy and brilliant yellow chick tabletop easel has a whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on reverse for multiple play options. Stands 14 x 9.65 x 17 inches.

  • tabletop pool table

    Mini Table Top Pool Table brings real life action right into your home. Featuring two return compartments in the center, this 20 inch long tabletop version is lightweight enough to stow away when not in use and requires no assembly.

  • 2 in 1 workbench

    Sturdy table transforms into a workbench by lifting the top, lowering the tool tray, and displaying the work tools. 19 x 15 x 32 inches.