• cathedral magnetic travel

    Conceived by Robert Moore, a pilot in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, this travel version of the original Cathedral game features magnetized pieces and playing surfaces to keep pieces in place while on the move. Victory goes to the landowner who can position more of their buildings within the game board walls, thereby capturing space, points and blocking the opponent from placing their pieces.

  • tantrix discovery game pack
    display 6

    Tantrix strategy games add a whole different level of challenge as players try to make the longest line or loop of their chosen color. As the paths grow wild and serpentine with each tile addition, clever moves are made to block or detour an opponent's path.

  • tantrix discovery puzzle
    display 36 mesh

    Over 4 million sold worldwide. Comprising 10 numbered hexagonal-shaped plastic tiles per mesh bag, the display holds 36 bags - ideal for tourist and travel situations.